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A rehearsal space south of the river!?!?!? And what's more, South East London!? Thanks... but no thanks! Well, hold on a sec...


Think you can't ask actors to come here for an audition? Or ask your cast to trek out here to rehearse? Think again. Let us shift your perception from this point forward: everything you think you know about travelling to South East London - principally SE2, pretty much the furthest South East of London before you are in the Garden of England itself - is wrong. Times have changed. With the advent of the new Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) opening this year and a completely redesigned and refitted Abbey Wood station (just ten minutes walk from us), the heart of the capital is on our doorstep. Crossrail will bring you here from Tottenham Court Road in just twenty minutes, Charing Cross is currently just 36 mins away, even pre-Crossrail. Add to this that we are fifteen minutes from the Blackwall Tunnel in one direction, fifteen minutes from the M25 in the other direction and suddenly it doesn't seem so far at all.


No need to worry about the congestion charge or topping up parking meters. We can offer you ample free parking (unless you run a fleet of limos, I guess) and you can load and unload right at the back door of the studios. Your visitors, cast or team etc can walk here from the station in ten minutes at a stroll, or hop a bus or a short cab ride.


We are not far from the Thames if you need a calming walk to clear your head, and close to the famous Thames Path walks, and a walk around our lake gives the famous imposing urban views of Thamesmead made famous in film and TV. We have shops and supermarkets and all the amenities you are going to need and expect.


Being outside the heart of the capital we can offer you major savings on West End prices but keep the West End close at hand, however you want to get back there. 

Our venue is housed in The Link, a centre for the community located by a picturesque city lake and library. Okay, we're not claiming it's the Pennines... South East London is not the most beautiful place in the world but we are working hard to make this space exactly what you need for your rehearsals, casting, performance and so on. We are located in a thriving performing arts centre which has recently expanded and incorporates dance classes and the London College of Performing Arts. Our office is onsite for those last minute photocopying needs of sides for your actors etc...


SE2REHEARSALSPACE is a viable, affordable and attractive option for your rehearsal, audition & hire for local community projects. We will offer loyalty discounts for returning customers and will offer you an introductory discount to get you down here once so you can see how easy it really is - and that is in addition to competitive rates in the first place.


If you are looking to hire a space and more then look no further than us. You can start the booking process here.

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